FAX All US Senators and Representatives

This page allows you to compose a FAX message and send it to all US Senators and Representatives with active FAX numbers (currently 532 ).

Send copy to FAX number:
(10 digits, no leading '1')

Sending a FAX from this page takes three quick steps:

  • Compose your message.
  • Pay for your FAXes using a PayPal account or a Credit Card.

    FAXes are $0.10 per page for each FAX destination. There is a $0.40 Transaction Fee that will appear as a Shipping Fee on the PayPal payment page. To FAX all US Senators and Representatives will cost $53.6

  • Send it!

Enter your FAX message here. By sure to include your name and address if you want a reply. Do not include the office and name of your official - the office and name of each of your selected recipients will be automatically added at the top of each FAX. For example, a FAX to Senator Reid will start with:

Dear Senator Harry Reid,

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