Fax all Republican Senators

This page allows you to send a FAX message to all Republican US Senators.

Be sure to include your name and mailing address in your FAX - it will be much more effective if you do.

Sending a FAX from this page takes three quick steps:

  • Compose your message.
  • By default, your message is sent to all Republican United States senators. You will have the option to remove any senator that you wish to.
  • Pay for your FAXes using a PayPal account or a Credit Card.

Your FAXes will be on their way!

FAXes are $0.10 per page for each FAX destination. There is a $0.40 Transaction Fee that will appear as a Shipping Fee on the PayPal payment page.

Enter your FAX message here. Your message will be much more effective if you include your name and address. Do not include the office and name of your official - the office and name of each of your selected recipients will be automatically added at the top of each FAX. For example, a FAX to Senator Cornyn will start with:

Dear Senator John Cornyn,

Please choose the officials that you wish to FAX:

AK - MurkowskiAK - SullivanAL - ShelbyAR - Boozman
AR - CottonAZ - McSallyCO - GardnerFL - Rubio
FL - ScottGA - IsaksonGA - IsaksonIA - Ernst
IA - GrassleyID - CrapoID - RischIN - Braun
IN - YoungKS - MoranKS - RobertsKY - McConnell
KY - PaulLA - CassidyLA - KennedyME - Collins
MO - BluntMO - HawleyMS - Hyde-SmithMS - Wicker
MT - DainesNC - BurrNC - TillisND - Cramer
ND - HoevenNE - FischerOH - PortmanOK - Inhofe
OK - LankfordPA - ToomeySC - GrahamSC - Scott
SD - RoundsSD - ThuneTN - BlackburnTN - Corker
TX - CornynTX - CruzUT - LeeUT - Romney
WI - JohnsonWV - CapitoWY - BarrassoWY - Enzi

Send copy to FAX number:
(10 digits, no leading '1')

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