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FaxYourOpinion.com is designed to make it inexpensive and effective to prepare and send a FAX message to your elected officials.

FAXes to your elected officials are only $0.10 per page (plus a single transaction fee of $0.40).

Using FaxYourOpinion.com involves 3 easy steps:

  • Select the recipients for your FAX
  • Compose your message
  • Pay for your FAXes using PayPal - private and secure

That's it! After you complete your order on the PayPal site your FAXes will be on their way to your recipients within a few minutes.

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User Comments

My sincere thanks to the users of this web site. I set out to make it easy and inexpensive to let our elected representatives in Washington, DC know how the American public feels about the issues of the day. I am very gratified that this site is being used effectively for exactly that purpose.

Here are some comments from users of the FaxYourOpinion.com web site:

Who Represents Me?

Find out who your Senators and Representatives are at the following sites:

  • Project Vote Smart - Enter your zip code in the upper left search box to find your Elected Officials.
  • Congress.org - Enter your zip code in the upper center search box to find your Elected Officials.

James T. Pendergrast

I really like James T. Pendergrast's work, and am honored that he gave me permission to use one of his drawings for the logo on this site. The drawing perfectly illustrates what this site is all about - trying to give ordinary Americans access to our Representatives, access which is often drowned out by the voices of lobbyists.

You might enjoy his work as well:

Home Page



How Does This Work?

FaxYourOpinion.com is designed to make it easy and inexpensive for you to send a FAX or FAXes to your elected officials.

You can choose to send a FAX to a pre-set list of recipients such as all Senators or the Congressional Leadership, or you can select the type of official you want to send a FAX to based on a selected state or states.

Phone Numbers - Select by State

On this page you can find the office and FAX numbers of officials in one or more states.

FAX Senators and Representatives by State

Select a state or states and the officials that you wish to send a FAX to.

FAX All US Senators and Representatives

This page allows you to compose a FAX message and send it to all US Senators and Representatives with active FAX numbers (currently 532 ).

FAX All US Representatives

This page allows you to send a FAX message to all US Representatives.

Be sure to include your name and mailing address in your FAX if you want a reply.

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